New for 2020, Golf Fore Less is launching an Advisory Board.  We encourage you to participate so we can better serve you.

What is the point?

There are a few things the Advisory Board will do. 

1. It will help us better understand your needs.

2. It will give us a chance to improve the quality of your experience with us.

3. We need "product testers" to test new products when they launch for feedback.

What does it cost?

There is no cost to you except for a little of your time.  We only want you to answer a few questions from time to time.

Are you asking me to attend board meetings?

No.  There will be no board meetings.  Just us reaching out via email to get your opinion and perspective.

What type of questions will you ask me?

We will ask about the type of equipment you play, your golf balls and accessories and how often you play, etc...  We will also ask your opinion on how we are doing.  We need your feedback to improve our company.

How does the product testing work and do I get to keep the product?

We love to get feedback from you about the products we carry.  We've decided to select a few people to test out new products when they first arrive.  This could be golf balls, gloves, accessories or even a driver.  If it's balls, gloves or accessories, it's yours to keep.  If it's a golf club, we ask that you play with it and return it within 14 days.

How do you pick who gets to be the product tester?

We will randomly pick from the people who have signed up for our Advisory Board.  This will allow more people to get the opportunity to help.

Are there any other perks?

Yes.  We will give away (4) $25 gift cards every month starting in February, rounds of golf, range balls, lessons and other prizes.


These will be random drawings that are only open to our Advisory Board.

Does it matter what my handicap is?

No.  We need golfers of all abilities to give us their opinion and perspective.

Does your company share or sell my information?

Absolutely not!  Your information is never shared or sold.

How do I join?

It's simple.  Just fill out the form below and hit send.  That's it!

Golf Fore Less Advisory Board Questionnaire
What brand of golf ball do you use most?
What brand of driver do you play?
What brand of irons do you play?
What do you consider your home course?
How often do you play per year?
My golf handicap is?