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As the sole connection to your club, the grip is clearly a key component, yet it’s easy to overlook. There are two considerations to pay close attention to with your grips – tension and size. If your grips have become worn and lost their tackiness you’ll tend to hold too tightly, affecting your swing and causing a variety of odd shots. Regarding size, if your grips are too small your hands will be too active, generally causing a hook. Conversely if your grips are too big your hands are likely to be too passive, resulting in a fade or slice. Once you have the correct sized grips, checking and regularly replacing them will yield optimal playability.


Whether it's a new shaft for your driver or replacing a broken putter shaft, we do it all.  We carry all the major brands and offer the fastest service around.  Our certified repair staff will provide quality work at an affordable price.  Stop by today to discuss any repair needs you have.

Additional Services Offered

Loft/Lie Adjustments

Putter Counter Balancing

Club Length Extension

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