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Maybe you and your golf clubs just weren't made for each other.........

We offer professional fittings on our state of the art simulator.

Why should I be fitted?

Custom-fit golf clubs are hotly debated in locker rooms, sports magazines and online golf forums.. Interestingly, a largely overlooked reason to pursue perfectly individualized clubs is that many golfers never develop proper techniques and meet their potential because they are always compensating for clubs that do not meet their individual requirements.  A set of clubs tailored to your swing, physique and posture will certainly add to your on-course performance.

At Golf Fore Less, we take many things into consideration when fitting a customer.  We look at ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, shot shape and many other factors.  We have state of the art simulator technology to ensure the most accurate information.  We are authorized, certified fitters of all major brands.  Our staff constantly receives training to provide the best experience.  

Whether you are considering new clubs or want to have your existing clubs adjusted, we have the tools to get it right the first time.  Give us a call or stop by to discuss how we can help!

Our Training

We pride ourselves in being the most knowledgeable club fitters around.  Our staff goes through extensive training annually to ensure our customer the best result.  We require our guys to complete annual training modules from all the major golf companies like Ping, Titleist, TaylorMade and Callaway.  We also train with shaft companies like Fujikura, Aldila, True Temper and KBS.  We want you to play your best and get the most out of your game!

Call us with any questions:


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